Our Team

We have a team of professionals who desire to serve those who ministering in churches and/or are doing humanitarian activities.

Here are our association’s members and the operational team.

Dr. Alexandru Vlasin

Dr. Alexandru Vlasin

Lecturer at the University of Bucharest

Dr. Alexandru Vlasin is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, teaching social work. He also serves with Barnabas International Mission which gives him opportunities to organize conferences and teach mission classes for churches and mission agencies around the world.

His experience with homeless people, street children, young offenders and drug addicts gives him a unique perspective on social work and wisdom on how to best reach them with the Gospel. In addition to this, Alex has taken numerous short-term trips to over 40 countries. On these trips, he provided training and assisted Romanians and international missionaries. This has given him a wide experience with the community of international workers. It was through these trips that Alex began to see the need for someone to provide member care for the Romanian missionaries working abroad.

In 2001, together with his wife Cami, they embarked on the member-care adventure for their friend who left for a foreign country. It was through this friend that they began to realize their call to serve those serving abroad.

Their passion for cross-cultural work and workers has led to many member-care initiatives developed together and with other international partners.

Dr. Vlasin is the father of two children and has a Ph.D. in missionary training from Queens University in Belfast and a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Bucharest. He also serves in the Executive Board of European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA).

Cami Vlasin

Cami Vlasin

Family Psychoterapist

Cami Vlasin is a qualified family psychoterapist (accredited by COPSI, Romania). Cami has received a M.A. in theology and marriage counseling from Queen’s University of Belfast and holds a Certificate from Open College Network, UK in Christian counseling (accredited by the Association of Christian Counseling, UK).

In addition to this, she has a double major in Theology and English from Bucharest University.

She is a former English teacher, but in 2006 left the teaching profession to work together with her husband. Together they have taught several marriage seminars, pre-marriage sessions, parenting seminars, and TCK seminars for churches and individuals.

Cami serves with Barnabas International Mission to offers member-care to cross-cultural church servants, and she is also engaged in women Bible studies. Besides this, she organizes various activities throughout the year, including the winter school organized for local church leaders and the summer school offered to Romanian cross-cultural workers.

She is a mother of one teenage daughter and one teenage son. While she is involved in all these things, her passion is to pray with and for people who desire to grow in their relationship with God.

Jenny O’Kelley

Jenny O’Kelley


Jenny O’Kelley serves as a missionary in Romania. Before moving to Romania, Jenny received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and worked as an elementary teacher at a low income school in Georgia for five years.

As a qualified teacher, she continues her ministry among children except this time it is among the least privileged ones.

She is actively involved as a volunteer in state orphanages and is in the process of adopting a teenage orphan boy.

She is also involved in church planting among gypsy villages around Bucharest city.

Our Volunteers

We have a large team of volunteers, which is comprised of both Romanians and foreigners. This allows us to provide a wide range of services and training.

Just a few of the things us and our volunteers can provide training for or to facilitate includes youth ministry, children’s ministry, sports and recreation activities, mountain climbing, pastoral work, member-care, debriefing or couching.